Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
We customize the training to the individual. You are where you are in your firearms training. Your responsibility starts at the  time that you purchase a gun. It's impossible to dictate and determine who's a beginner and who's advanced. We've seen "advanced" shooters not do as well as beginner shooters in our courses. We build the skill set to the individual.

S-DS classes have a limited number of participants to make sure that your individual needs and attention to your training is met. We do not do cattle call type of training or large groups.

Women Only
A gun is a force equalizer for women. We want to help you develop the speed and accuracy needed to win a gun fight. At S-DS, we realize that traditional firearms training can be uncomfortable for some women. Our women only courses are strictly that..... women only. We provide a stress-free, non-judgmental environment for women to develop their firearms proficiency.


Ask all of the questions you want and we will provide you the answers. No intimidation here, just people dedicated to helping you learn.

Active Shooter

Are you prepared to deal with an active shooter situation because you are carrying a concealed weapon? Nothing could be further from the truth! The chaos of an active shooter situation is hard to replicate. The skill set needed to resolve an active shooter situation is not a skill set that most of us have. We do what we can to prepare you for that type of chaos. We create the environment and take your training to new heights. We cannot teach you to resolve this type of situation, but we help develop the mind set needed to stay focused when dealing with crisis situations.

2017 Shoot-Don't Shoot