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Workplace Violence

Workplace violence has reached epidemic proportions. With staggering statistics, people wonder what choices and options are available. Is your company prepared to deal with workplace violence?

Most companies that provide workplace violence training teach you what to do if you encounter an active shooter. Whether it's Run, Hide, Fight  or another methodology, they can teach you techniques to reduce loss of life and limit the damage an active shooter can achieve.

At Shoot-Don't Shoot we believe that guns are not always the solution, hence shoot-don't shoot. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem. We believe that there are a series of things that happen prior to an active shooter storming your work environment. We have a comprehensive training model that we use to evaluate your work environment and provide solutions. We assist with creating a workplace violence program, designed to reduce the likelihood of your company having an active shooter incident. Our practices also help you recognize, evaluate and address potential problems that you may encounter with human capital.

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