Action is faster than reaction!

Take action now! Enhance your skills, find your strengths and reinforce any weaknesses it's never too late to learn. Don't wait for crisis to strike and motivate you. Act now and be prepared with the confidence, knowledge and experience.


Shoot-Don't Shoot is the experience for you to learn from.


Shoot--Don't Shoot brings the training to your home. We work with your schedule to bring you customized firearms training based on your personal needs. All the equipment needed will be provided by our Mobile Training Team.


Our Mobile Training Teams  will bring the training equipment to your location to train larger groups of people. Law enforcement, security groups, or any government or private corporation that needs to validate their firearms proficiency or protocols.


When you look at conflict in our society, most crimes against women are committed by men. These training courses are designed to interact with women to face their concerns and build training around those concerns.


From beginners to advanced shooters, we can train or validate training. We can address any areas in the training that the student wants to strengthen.


Shoot-Don't Shoot is a superior training model that will identify areas in an officers skill set that need work. We reverse engineer scenarios to identify strengths and weaknesses in training. By identifying areas of weakness, we then retrain the officer and have fewer officer related injuries.


Our mobile training teams can come to your agency anywhere in the United States.


With our CCW Course, you can come to us, or we can come to you. You can have a private training course in the comfort of your home. Invite family, friends or coworkers for a volume discount.

This course meets state standards for you to get a CCW permit in the State of Colorado


Unfortunately, with Violence in schools and places of worship having become so common,  these institutions now have to  take steps to secure their locations. Carrying a concealed weapon is not enough. Has your security team trained in a crowded environment? Have they proven to be proficient with their firearm? Does your team know what to expect if a crisis strikes? How do they respond when stress is induced to their training? Do they train? Who validates this training?

Let us help you become more competent and confident.

2017 Shoot-Don't Shoot