About Us


Imagine a boxer preparing for a fight and all he ever did was hit a heavy bag. He never sparred with another fighter, and he never set foot in the ring. Would he be successful in his fight?


Shooting holes in targets on the range is not sufficient to win a critical incident. Gunfights are dynamic, your training should be as well....Our instructors have extensive tactical backgrounds and we bring that experience to you. Train in the environment you are likely to use a firearm. The disconnect from training at the range to handling a crisis at home has now been bridged.


Different training sessions build on each other, giving you real life experience without fatal consequences. Your training should reflect the way you will fight.

At S-DS we take your training to new heights. Our philosophy is use your weapon the way you intend to use it.

 If you purchased a gun to shoot holes in paper 50 feet away, so be it. if you purchased a firearm to defend yourself and the ones that you love , you should be training that way. Being static on a range doesn't reflect the crisis that you might find yourself in.

At S-DS we create that stressful situation and have you fight your way through it and think your way through it, like you would have to in real life.


Our training is scenario-based.



Shoot-Don't Shoot provides custom  firearms training based on your personal needs or group needs. Family, friends or co-workers, the training you need when you need it. All the equipment needed will be provided.

            WOMEN'S TRAINING


When you look at conflict in our society, most crimes against women are committed by men. These training courses are designed to interact with women to face their concerns and build training around those concerns.


From new folks to veteran shooters, we can train or validate training. We can address any areas in the training that the student wants to strengthen.



Our Mobile training teams bring the training equipment to your location to train larger groups of people; law enforcement, security teams, or any government or private corporation that need to validate their firearms proficiency or protocols.

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