We are dedicated to bringing realistic firearms training to you so you can not only physically prepare to protect yourself, but have the mental focus and knowledge to see a crisis incident to it's conclusion.


 A gun is a tool, and you are the weapon. As carpenters don't limit themselves to just the tools to build a home, they build up experience and perfect their trade with repeated experiences to build a skill set that is second nature.


Shoot-Don't Shoot is an established training platform designed to hone your skills to effectively respond to life threatening situations.


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We use advanced technology to bring realistic three dimensional training to you. Our training is designed to build your firearms proficiency to peak levels. We build upon the basics, to bring you the confidence as well as techniques to defend yourself and the ones you love.


Train in your home in the environment you are likely to use a firearm. The disconnect from training at the range to handling a crisis at home is now been bridged. Different training sessions build on each other, giving you real life experience without fatal consequences.


Your training should reflect the way you will fight

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